Apple’s premium price points can burn a hole in your wallet but there are some shopping hacks and tips that can help you find great deals that save you tons of money. Here are four unbeatable ways to help save money on Apple Products.

Follow the product release schedule

The company’s product release schedule influences pricing for current and old generation products. Check out MacRumors Buyer’s Guides which will give you information on current and future prices with the help of color tabs. A grey tab means you might see a better discount in the future. Green tabs indicate that you should buy the product right away. Yellow tabs caution patience – prices may drop on an older version. Red tabs indicate that you shouldn’t buy the product. It’s a foolproof system!

Take advantage of Apple’s version of price matching

Strictly speaking, Apple doesn’t price match but if you were to find a discounted Apple product at Target, Walmart, or Best Buy, show it to a salesperson at your local Apple Store. The company is authorized to give you up to ten percent off the retail price. However, Apple doesn’t do this with Amazon or Costco. This hack is important for people who like to buy their products from the Apple store rather than a third party.

Buy an old generation Apple product immediately after a new generation is released

Walmart, Costco, Target, and Best Buy will slash prices on older generation iPhones and iPads as soon as newer products hit the market. If you shop in late November, on Black Friday or Cyber Monday you can combine these marked down prices with some amazing deals. For instance, last year, Walmart offered gift cards with the purchase of an iPhone while Best Buy offered 23 percent savings on the iPad Pro.

Take advantage of Apple’s trade-in program

This allows you to trade your old Apple product for credit towards a new one. Sometimes you can trade your old product from an Apple gift card. You can do this with iPhones, a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Apple Watch too. 

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