One of the best ways to meet your fitness goals is by signing up for a gym membership. The benefits are too good to pass up on. Gyms motivate you to keep pushing past your comfort level, given that they have top of the line equipment and expert trainers and coaches who will guide you in your fitness journey. The downside is that finding an affordable gym membership can be tricky. Here are four ways to snag a great gym membership deal and get that killer workout.

Shop for gym membership deals

To nobody’s surprise, Gyms run massive promotions and offer deep discounts on memberships during January. If the gym you’re interested in doesn’t have a discount to offer, ask them about special discounts like those available for students or military persons.

Shop around

The best way to get a good deal on a gym membership is to check out multiple fitness centers in your area. Low-cost gym chains offer monthly rates that might suit your budget, or you could also search for affordable gym membership prices online. This research sets you up nicely for our next shopping hack.

Ask and you shall receive

Well, maybe not all the time, but there is still no harm. Once you have a pretty good idea of how much fitness centers in the area cost, you have a bargaining chip up your sleeve. Gyms will be more interested in obtaining your business if you play hard to get. Ask them to match the monthly fee of the competition or request a waived fee or shorter contract.

Read your contract carefully

Make sure that the fine print of your gym membership contract isn’t what trips you up down the road. Be wary of year-long contracts and auto-renewals. You’re better off with a monthly fee or by paying per visit.

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