If you love skiing but the thought of paying full retail prices on gear makes you wish you didn’t, you’re not alone. Gear and ski clothes don’t come cheap, but there are countless shopping hacks and bargains for the budget hunter. All you need is patience. Check out our top five ways to snag irresistible deals on ski clothes and gear.

Shop during the off-season: 

Sports equipment retailers usually have gigantic sales and offer deep discounts once or twice a year. They need to move inventory and clear shelf space. You need discounts on gear and clothes. Everyone wins. Shops in ski towns have sales before “mud season” while ski-specific outlets hold sales and promotions near the end of the season or in early fall.

Attend a local swap:

Community events bring fellow skiers together for swaps or to sell pre-loved gear at garage sale prices. Try and attend a swap that has a lot of skiers in attendance: you’ll find amazing bargains. Find a ski swap in your area by looking online, signing up for store email newsletters, and keeping up to date with the skiing community in your town.

Hit major sales early:

We don’t have to tell you that skiing is like a religion. If you live in or around a ski-town, prepare to find people camping out in front of ski stores the night before a major sale. Try to hit the sales as soon as possible and preferably during work hours on a weekday to beat the rush.

Visit discount stores in the fall:

Brand-name, high-end winter sports gear, and ski jackets, pants, gloves, and gaiters usually sell for discounted prices at stores like T.J Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom Rack during the fall.

Shop at the rental store:

Rental Stores don’t just rent gear; they sell pre-loved boots and equipment at throwaway prices. You’ll get fantastic deals if you shop at a rental store during their annual sales.

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