When it comes to online auctions, there’s no better marketplace than eBay. As a buyer, you can get an attractive deal on virtually any item, but your odds improve if you know the inside scoop. Here are four hacks to find irresistible offers on eBay.

Search for auctions that are about to end: You can do this by selecting the filter “Time: ending soonest,” once you’ve searched for the item you wish to buy. The site will show you the items you’re looking for. Scour the list for items with a price point you’re comfortable with. Bid on the item when you have about one minute left on the clock. This will allow you to get the lowest possible price without anyone outbidding you and raising the cost.

Haggle with the seller: You can do this via the “Best Offer” function, which allows the seller and you to negotiate prices. When you’ve both reached a price point you agree on, submit an offer through the “Make Offer” button. Sellers who have been listing and relisting items are likely to accept offers in the interest of moving merchandise. If you keep track of whether the seller has been lowering the price of his goods over time, you’re more likely to put in an offer he can’t refuse.

Shop in Bulk: Items like video games, CDs, Blu-Rays, DVDs, and books are usually sold in lots. Buying them in lots allows you to get each item cheaper than they would be if you bought them individually. If you see a title you simply must have, buy the lot it comes in and resell the items you don’t want. You may even make a profit!

Look for typos: On eBay, a misspelled title is good news for buyers. Items with typos such as “Mountan Bike” won’t show up in people’s searches and will get fewer bidders. That’s where you swoop in and buy the item at a great price.

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