For several months now, millions of people across the United States have been wondering if they will be receiving a fourth stimulus payment in 2021. The White House, however, is yet to commit to another round of stimulus checks. But, lawmakers are still urging the Biden administration to include additional stimulus payments as part of the next stimulus bill. 

The White House Press Secretary Jen Paski recently mentioned that President Biden is “open to a range of ideas” and has not ruled out additional stimulus payments to Americans. However, experts are of the opinion that a fourth stimulus check is quite unlikely, given that the country is slowly opening up and moving towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In May, White House officials said the decision of issuing a fourth stimulus check would be up to Congress. When Jen Psaki was asked if the country is likely to see another round of stimulus payments or checks every month till the coronavirus pandemic is truly behind us, she said, “We’ll see what members of Congress propose, but those are not free.”

However, over 2.4 million people are trying to push the government for another stimulus check through an online petition to provide at least $2,000 every month to eligible Americans. The petition explains that the United States is still struggling as many people remain unemployed, while several others face mounting debts. The petition was started by Stephanie Bower, a restaurant owner and Colorado resident, who highlighted that past stimulus checks were not available to many Americans. 

In the recent past, Jen Psaki has said President Joe Biden’s focus was on the American Families Plan, which aims “to grow the middle class, expand the benefits of economic growth to all Americans, and leave the United States more competitive.” The plan also intends to, “add at least four years of free education, provide direct support to children and families, and extend tax cuts for families with children and American workers.”

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