Target is known for the great deals it offers on various products. Knowing how to find Target clearance bargains can help you save big bucks. Here’s how to find Target deals/sales:

Know the clearance sections at your Target store

All Target inventory gets marked down in specific increments of 15%, 30%, 50%, 70%, and so on, up to 90%. You can find most at the end caps of each aisle. However, sometimes they hide on shelves in plain sight. Look around and get familiar with the store.

Don’t just pass by the signs

Don’t judge a clearance section by its sign. If you keep walking past sections just because the sign reads “15% off,” you may miss out on some deals. If you closely observe, the fine print typically says “15% off or more,” and you’ll find steeper markdowns upon closer inspection.

Target marks down its products frequently

If you’ve been observing a product and see that it’s discounted to 30%-50%, try going back in another two weeks to check whether it has been marked down further. However, remember, someone else may purchase the product at the current price.

Target typically decreases unsold clearance items every two weeks once the markdowns begin. However, this depends on the amount of unsold inventory, region, and manager discretion.

Understand how items get marked down

Know that every big clearance sale runs on a cycle. Target marks items for clearance routinely near the end of a season, post-holidays, and during their semi-annual toy clearance sales. For instance, their toy clearance happens in late January and July-end or early August (on a Thursday) every year. Note this down and start paying attention to the markdowns before the sale.

Also, make use of Target coupons and Target Circle discounts. With the Target Circle app, users earn 1% on every purchase, which they can use on a future shopping trip. The app also offers personalized deals, such as a birthday discount of 5%. With Target Circle, you can even cast votes to help direct Target’s donations to approximately 800 nonprofit organizations.

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