Do you want to save more money and boost your income this year? We have good news. It doesn’t matter where you are financially: anyone can save money. We’ve rounded up a selection of tips that run from the extreme to more moderate, and we hope some of them will allow you to rethink your finances in 2021 and make it through this year.

Start giving yourself a haircut: The pandemic changed how we think about priorities. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will show you how to cut and style your hair. Practice on yourself first before volunteering your services to your family. And, who knows? You might never need a professional haircut again – you gain a new skill and save money!

Negotiate a rent discount: With the economy going the way it is, several landlords have decided that they’d rather keep good and reliable tenants than try to find new ones. Set up a meeting with your landlord and try negotiating a smaller monthly payment with them. This allows you a little room in your budget as you find your way back to where you need to be financial.

Create a spending plan: Overspending is the culprit when it comes to low or minimal savings. Budget planning in 2021 will allow you to keep track of your money. Use an online calculator to take a stock of your income, tax, pensions, and student loans and then create a plan that cuts out non-essential spending and boosts savings.

Cancel out-of-use subscriptions: Go through all subscription fees you’re currently paying and whittle them down. If you have more than one subscription for a streaming service, it’s time to make a decision about which ones you give the boot.

Save on your energy bills: You can do this by replacing old devices with more energy-efficient ones, turning off appliances that are on standby, and doing the laundry at a lower temperature. Better yet, find a cheaper supplier by using a price comparison site.

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