The key to having a successful budget wedding is simple—get married during less popular times of the year, so you get cheaper rates from reception sites and other vendors.

When is the peak wedding season?

The peak wedding season changes every year. However, late summer and early spring are typically the most popular times to get married. According to a research study, 73% of all weddings happen between May and October. The most popular months are October (16%), September (15%), and June (13%).

While many couples consider warm weather, fall foliage, and an outdoor venue crucial, these aspects also make vendors and venues more expensive.

When is the off-season wedding season?

In most parts of the country, peak winter months (January, February, and March) are less preferred for weddings. According to the study, only 9% of weddings happen during winter.

When the demand is less, you’ll be offered lower prices on your wedding site and other wedding services (photography, catering, flowers, and the like). However, because roses and lilies are in high demand around Valentine’s Day and Easter, flowers may still be sold at a premium rate.

To save on your wedding, consider picking a winter date if you don’t mind the chance of snow. Also, look for wedding coupons to save some money on purchases. 

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