The three stimulus checks issued by the IRS have helped millions of Americans keep going amidst the pandemic. However, with COVID-19 cases decreasing and life returning to normal in most parts of the country, the economy is surging again, but, of course, different people are affected in different ways. 

The latest reports indicate that many people’s personal finances haven’t improved. What’s more, unemployment continues to remain above pre-pandemic levels. Given this, a fourth stimulus check can help those in need by providing necessary financial assistance. But will we see the fourth round of stimulus checks sometime in July?

Since financial insecurity is still widespread in the country, there has been plenty of support for a fourth stimulus check. A group of Democratic Senators sent a letter to the White House requesting “recurring direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance extensions tied to economic conditions,” in March. An earlier letter that was sent to President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris also carved out a similar stance. A letter sent by the members of the House Ways and Means Committee on May 17 renewed the push for more stimulus money. And an online petition started by a struggling restaurant owner calling for $2,000 monthly stimulus payments for every American adult has received over 2.4 million signatures in total.  

But while many Americans are in support of a fourth stimulus check, experts believe that the Biden administration is unlikely to make it happen. And there are many reasons for this. For one, the rate of vaccinations has been progressing steadily in the country. Further, pandemic guidance is becoming less strict across the country, which has helped businesses reopen and make jobs available. In fact, many industries are now complaining of not having enough workers. These factors, put together, make it unlikely for Americans to see a fourth stimulus payment this year.

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