With power tools, furniture, construction materials, design elements, and unmatched home improvement services, The Home Depot is a household name. Still, shopping there as a budget-shopper isn’t always easy, especially when you’re considering a major home improvement project. We’ve rounded up four exciting ways you can save major dollars at The Home Depot.

Utilize the special Buy of the Day

All you have to do is visit the outlet’s website to see what’s on sale at a store near you.

Ask for a discount

Not a lot of consumers know that Home Depot employees are authorized to give up discounts on items without a supervisor’s approval. If there is an item that you would like to buy, ask the person who’s helping you if she can mark down the price on the spot.

Ask the store to price match

Price matching is the budget-shoppers best friend but you do have to do your research. If you go into the store with a specific item, tool, or purchase in mind, make sure you’ve already scoured the competition’s stores for their price points. Once you’re in the store, all you need is a photo or copy of the competitor’s price and the store will match that price. You can do this while shopping on the Home Depot website too.

Sign up for the newsletters

If you’re on The Home Depot’s mailing list, you’re bound to get promo codes and sales alerts in your inbox whenever the store in your area wants to move inventory. It’s the best way to get real-time updates on sales. You can take this a step further by signing up for The Home Depot’s Promo Text Program. You receive deals right on your phone and you get $5 off your next purchase when you sign up.

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