Whatever your industry, it’s always a great idea to update your knowledge and sharpen your skills in the workplace. This signals that you’re invested in your career growth and impresses your employer. It also helps you get better at your job and keeps your head in the game. Thanks to the plethora of online course platforms, learning something new is easy. Even better, many major platforms are offering discounts this year. We’ve rounded up four of the greatest affordable online course providers you just don’t want to miss this year.  


Udemy has up to 90% off deals on select courses on its platform. The scale of their offerings is mind-boggling: over 90,000 courses and tutorials, qualified, driven resource persons, well-structured and interesting content on skills like web development, photography, management, and much more. Many courses are free or moderately priced.


Datacamp has a 75% sale on courses in the field of data science, data engineering, machine learning, business analytics, applied finance. The sheer range of courses available on this platform makes it a crowd favorite. Learning is free on the Datacamp platform – You only have to pay for certificates.


Udacity has big industry names like Google to back its credibility and has courses that are designed for students, mid-level, and senior professionals. Some of the best Udacity courses to take are the ones in data engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


If you want to sharpen your workflow, hone key skills, or just take your career to the next level, Pluralsight is for you. The platform offers courses and learning paths for developers, professionals in IT, and coders of all skill levels. This month, they’ve rolled out a 40% discount on their courses and the option to get a free ten-day trial before you purchase the course.

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